My name is Maruti and I am a seeker. Some people call me weird or strange but the truth of the matter is I am interested in the discovering the deepest meaning of life. What is it to LOVE? What is it to be one with all of creation? I have spent many years searching to know truth; to experience the intoxicating bliss of Divine Love.

I have wandered about drug induced states of consciousness only to find deeper meanings in the states of ecstatic love and bliss that come through the practice of Bhakti (devotional) Yoga. I have searched every book I could find looking for truth. I came to a point where books had become useless and of no point. What good are another man’s (or woman’s) words when you have not yet experienced those things for yourself.

I have longed to know God, to know Truth! From an early age I was taught to fear God and told to love Christ. It was made to be my understanding that those who had not accepted Christ as their savior would perish and suffer eternal hell fire and damnation. In the same breath I read the words Christ spoke: He told of God’s love for all creation.

It arose in my mind how is it possible that a God that so loves us could punish us and damn us for eternity. Not even my own mother and father could ground me for more than a few hours a couple of days at most. How could a God that loves us more than our earthly parents damn our souls to a forever of torment?

I had to search I had to seek. There was something calling me from afar but at first the voice was faint and distant. As I began to to open my eyes my vision was cloudy such as waking up after a long slumber. Due to this haze I had to look at things very closely but the closer I looked the clearer my vision became.

I tried my hand and applied myself to many things searching for peace. School, Business Traveling, School, Traveling School Traveling and so on. School was and continues to be a struggle for me for it is not where my heart is. My heart lies in the meeting of two souls in far off places.

What are the chances that two people should cross paths in this life or any other. Of all the places and all the people in all of creation why is it that we meet the people that come into our lives? Do they all hold lessons to bring us to the next place? Are they guideposts on the road of life pointing us back home?

I am a seeker of Love, Light, and Truth. I wish to carry the small amount of peace and serenity I have found to all that I can in hopes that the sharing of myself will open me up to even greater experiences of Divine Love.

This little website is my slice of the world wide internets to do just that. On these pages you will find stories of my inspirations, and information related to the classes and workshops I teach.